Our Story

Welcome to Hunter Valley Hampersfamily

We’re now into our 25th year of making hampers and sharing the taste of the Hunter Valley around Australia, and things have never looked so good! Over the years we have served thousands of customers and managed tens of thousands of deliveries to all parts of Australia.

From the biggest corporate orders in the hundreds to making sure your aunt gets her shortbread in time for Christmas, we’ve done it all! And this being our 25th Christmas, we are looking forward to a bigger and brighter result that will ensure you can share a memorable and delicious experience with those close to you. So take a moment and see what we have to offer, and don’t forget our create your own facility where you can build a gift box with exactly what you want.

It’s all about the Hampers

From day one, when we were first imagined as a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities through a change in management to Brendan and Kacy, Hunter Valley Hampers has established a unique niche in the hamper and gift basket industry.

For starters, we keep things Australian made. Everyone likes this and it ensures local people are kept in local jobs. But we like to go a step further and we have made it our policy to source most if not all of the products you will see in the hampers from the Hunter Valley. This means there is a real sense of place about the hamper, as well as an authentic purpose behind what gets in and what is left out.

You see, we don’t buy product from wholesalers by the pallet looking for the cheapest or the lightest anything like that. That’s why the first thing you’ll notice is that your hamper is heavy – heavy with glass, real ingredients and genuine Australian taste. We’ve found our most loyal customers like it that way. And we trust you will too.

Our Story

I’m Brendan and my wife is Kacy and we got married in 2005 before we left for Europe on one of those “finding yourself” journeys. We trekked around Ireland and drove the wrong way in Italy, and shivered in Castles along the Danube. Inspired by what we had seen we got thinking and made a commitment to go into business together – no matter what. So, as we landed back in Sydney pregnant with our first daughter, we took over Hunter Valley Hampers and started life together.

Now, after eight years in business, we have three daughters, a dozen chickens, and assorted fish(!) and we still get a thrill from handing over a fruit basket to the surprised person on the other side of the door. There is no better way to get that giving high than by sharing a gift with the immediacy of a hamper. We love what we do and invite you to take advantage of our experience, expertise and energy.

Being Part of the Community

Living in the Hunter Valley, we have exposure to the wine industry, handmade markets and the colour and excitement of Merewether Beach and the coast. In the same way, our community relationships have helped us source some boutique artisan vendors of – for example honey, biscuits and sourdough bread.
Once you get to know the story behind each producer, as we did, you begin to appreciate just what goes into each jar and how much difference a good order can make to a small farmgate producer.
In the same way we rely on your custom to make hampers, so do the suppliers rely on Hunter Valley Hampers as a way to get their product out in front of the Australia wide marketplace. So when you send a Taste of Gourmet to Townsville, you’re connecting the honey lady from Gloucester in the Hunter Valley with your friend thousands of kilometers away.
And it’s most unlikely your friend would be exposed to the same product other than by visiting the Hunter Valley in person. And we think that’s pretty special.

Meaningful Connections and Making a Difference